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Hello! Welcome to my website of Jeremy A. Siggelkow, Husband, Speaker, Writer and Founder of: One Minute Discipleship, 180º Relationships, Life Direction and 180º Pastor. If you’ve come to this page, it’s likely because you are wanting to learn more about how to create a better life-story or you are looking to learn more about myself and this website.


The truth is, everyone has a story right from the womb. Whether negative or positive or whether you realize it or not, your life, your friends, your actions, your decisions, the environment you grow up in, your family life and your relationship history, all collectively interact together. As influential actors and actresses, all of the above live, breathe and co-mingle together on the public stage of your life creating life, memories, moments, scenario’s and chapters of your life. They write your story –they script your life.

But what if there is more? What if, instead of simply making random decisions, creating a life, living as a character, picking a career, picking a spouse and then dying, there was more to the mess of this temporary life? What if their was a great, grand-ultimate plan, an all-knowing author of your life? What if the GPS coordinates of your life are pre-programmed and carefully thought out before you are even born? What if their is true life past death? What if we are living for more than the temporary achievement of money, status, success, achievements, parties and luxurious meals?


Well, the good news is, there is! God is the ultimate and all-powerful, loving and caring author of your life-story and He has an incredible plan for our life. Even better, He has given you inexhaustible blueprints for your life via the Bible. He has pre-programmed the GPS coordinates of your life. Then, He died on an old wooden cross to give you hope after death –to live with Him forever in paradise, in heaven. All you have to do is believe in Him and surrendered your life to Him and He will write your life story.


For me, I wish I would have got this ultimate design to life sooner. My story started off being raised in a strong Christian family with two great parents who are still together and an incredible sister. For a short season, I wandered away from my faith, adopted a destruction lifestyle and built some bad life-rhythms.

As painful and as eye-opening as this wandering was, it was the most glorious birth-pains of the most necessary and beautiful prelude to my beautiful and grand story where a serious flash-car explosion and another serious life-changing event shook up my life and powerfully, by God’s design, re-directed me towards the only One who is able and sufficient to save lost sinners, to re-establish their foundation, to re-script their story and help lost prodigals develop write a more hopeful ending then abandonment, loss and eternal death.


In light of my story, my prayer is that all my writings, musings, resources and speaking will direct you to the saving grace and power of the gospel, to direct you towards the light of the only One who is able to sustain you and guide you through the ups-and-downs of this momentary life –that His grace would empower you to develop new-life rhythms for His glory and empower you to create a better life-story.

My life-long mission is to help people develop better rhythms and create better life-stories in order to experience transformation through the supernatural power of God. My hope is that this website is a lighthouse in a dark world, a moral compass that guides you when your lost, and a powerful catalyst of change in your life that will spark the embers of your heart, help you come alive and give you the spiritual tools to know God in a deeper, more personal way.


So let me ask you:
Whose writing and scripting your story? Are you ready to surrender your life to the One who gave you life? Are you tired of holding the pen of your life and tired of letting people around you write the hopeless chapters of your life? Are you ready to start over, to re-enter the GPS co-ordinates of your life? To pick up the pen from those around you who have more power over you to write your story, then you do?

If so, grab the pen, get a piece of paper and start learning with me, as I journey too, through learning how to re-script and re-write my story, through God’s grace. Let’s get started! To go directly to my blog and start learning, click: here

Thanks for stopping by, and see you on the other side,


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Jeremy A. Siggelkow

Writer. Speaker. Teacher.
Jeremy A. Siggelkow is a, Husband, Speaker, Writer, and Founder of: One Minute Discipleship, 180º Relationships and 180º Pastor. He specializes in helping people create better life-stories through the supernatural power of the gospel. To read more click: here.

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