Abraham’s Prototypical Response

Genesis 18:2

Have you ever thought what it would be like to see the glory of God revealed face-to-face? Have you ever wondered what your immediate natural knee-jerk response would be? To make it personal, the second you lay your eyes on Him and realize the One true God of the universe is standing before you in all His shining glory, would you shake His hand, fall on your knee’s, ask for long-due forgiveness, submit to Him for the first time, walk away or reject him in prideful arrogance or disbelief?

Genesis 18:2 recalls an instance that of which placed Abraham in the conundrum many lukewarm, undecided or lost souls would be placed within today if they saw Jesus face-to-face, in which Abraham saw the Lord and two angels coming to visit him in his tent: When he saw them, he ran from the tent door to meet them and bowed himself to the earth” 

Despite what your immediate natural knee-jerk response would be, this text reveals some interesting insights, requires some valuable contemplation and serves as a perfect diagnostic in testing the spiritual health of our hearts in determining how we would respond, as believers or non-believers, if God so decided to grace us with His majestic presence on a dull or exciting friday night.

Not only did Abraham bow himself to the earth in humility, he ran to them with excitement and un-hesitated hospitality. Greater still, not only did he bow himself and run to them, he later responded by offering to wash their feet, make them food and host them as irrefutable royalty. This text makes clear, whatever Abraham was doing, it didn’t matter anymore. He was in the awe-striking presence of His Lord and Saviour and He was ready to serve Him for all He had done.

Reflecting upon this rich text should show us Abraham’s actions above serve as the perfect diagnostic for our souls as a perfect prototypical response any man should have in regards to rightly responding to an unannounced visitation by a Holy and righteous God, Saviour and Judge.

Whether you know God today as your personal Lord and Saviour, whether an atheist, whether a doubting Thomas or a curious inquirer of God’s faithfulness and irrefutable power the inescapable reality is that all of us are faced with this conundrum above since all will see God face-to-face as our personal judge or personal Saviour at the end of our lives (1 Peter 4:5).

What will your response be? Will you fall down on your knee’s in awe and wonder of God’s goodness and His glory or will you stand in tall pridefulness, in question and in doubt, wondering if the Most High King deserves to be the Lord of your life. Will you dare to taste and test a glimpse of His inimitable judgement? If you don’t know the answer, this verse will serve you in proper heart-meditation upon what your response will or should be.

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