The Reason of Why We Work (And The Benefits)

God's Redemptive Plan and Blessings In Labouring

Some argue that before the fall of man there was still tasks and work to do in the garden, in a perfect world. However, the physical labour and toil of work — the fact that we work hard, sweat, labour, become tired from it, must work and are required to work in order to eat […]

The Art of Balancing Ambition & Relaxation (And Resting In God’s Grace)

When Professionalism, Perfectionism & Ambition Become Workaholism

Most of my readers, maybe like you, are high achievers, and highly ambitious people — just like myself. With that being said, if you are like me, you most likely strive to be the best that you can be. You work hard, you play hard, you have a strong morning routine, you have high standards […]