Defeating The ‘Lions’ In Your Life

Daniel 6:22

Do you struggle with bullying or doing what is right in life? Is there a part of you that believes if you do what is right or follow God unapologetically and fearlessly, that He won’t come through for you? Maybe you think if you serve yourself, instead of God or just break a few rules or spread a few white lies, you will have more power to stand up to powerful people or that it will gain you more human-respect.

Daniel was free from corruption. He was trustworthy, blameless, upright and honest. He didn’t break any governmental rules. He didn’t trust himself for power, and he didn’t spread any white lies. As a result, the King wanted to promote, Daniel. What a blessing for being blameless and upright!

But, when the Kings-men found this out, they became angry and jealous, and they sought to conspire against Daniel. Yet, they couldn’t find any offences in his conduct, so they set him up in order to lose the King’s favor and eventually he was cast into a pit with live lions.

Even though Daniel never sinned towards God, he still ended up in harms way. It may seem like doing good, gets you no where. On the other hand, it may seem like it certainly is void of power. Even though Daniel did what was right in the eyes of God, he still faced lions. That’s a pretty scary reward for doing good, right?

But the climax of the story is the power of the story, and it’s the take-away message for, today. Daniel did what was right, and he did face lions. He was conspired against and temporarily “beaten”, by men less righteous than him –men who deserved his punishment. Yet, God shut the mouth of the lions and kept Daniel safe for doing what was right.

Isn’t this true for our lives? If we do what is right the same God who shut the mouth of the lions for Daniel, will always come through, He will always have his hand of protection on us –that’s the kind of power we have access to. It’s God’s powerful covenant of being faithful.

What kind of lions do you have in your life? Who is conspiring against you? Are you bullied, cheated, beat-down, downtrodden, tired, frustrated and sick of doing good? Maybe, you think that cutting corners, giving up or stretching the truth a bit, will win you the nobel prize or win you favor in the eyes of man, but deep down you wonder if God will come through, if you chose the hard path of righteousness.

Daniel chose the hard-path of righteousness. He never wavered. His faith was strong, and God blessed him greatly for his enormous faith in God’s power, protection and provision. What kind of lions, in your life, are you too afraid to stand up to?

In Christ,




Jeremy Siggelkow
Teacher, Speaker, Writer

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Jeremy A. Siggelkow

Writer. Speaker. Teacher.
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