What to Expect in the New Year?

New Projects and New Resources

Friends and family, the new year is just around the corner! In light of a new year, I thought I would take this opportunity to say, Happy New Year (in advance) and announce some new changes to my blog that you can expect to see in the New Year.

Here are 5 projects I’m working on (and some old, but valuable, resources):

#1 – Shelf Talk – Shelf talk is a new project I have been working on for a while now. The more and more I began to read and grow in my faith I developed a passion to consume Christian literature.

There is so much out there, it’s incredible, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. As I journeyed through the excitement of reading and the overwhelming nature of option-overload, I realized there were tons of books that were labelled “Christian” but were not necessarily theologically sound. In fact, they were dangerous to building a proper theological world view.

My goal and vision for Shelf Talk is to have personal and honest conversations about what I am reading on my shelf and to talk about it. With this project I hope it becomes a helpful resource in which I will talk about what’s in my library, what’s shaping and challenging me, and share my personal thoughts and assessments of current Christian literature.

To check it out click here.

#2 – One Minute DiscipleshipOne Minute Discipleship is a project I have been working on for a while now, too. It’s been a journey.

As I have grown in my own discipleship journey, it has been my growing desire for a while now to work at crafting the skill of being able to unlock short passages of scripture and make theology accessible and practical.

One Minute Discipleship will seek to do just that, to unlock theology and to share what I am learning from the Bible in a short one-minute devotional style that is practical and personal to me and to your life.

To check it out click here.

#3 – Word Minute – Word Minute is a project that has grown over the last year as a result of switching educational paths from studying exercise to theology.

In my time shifting from exercise to theology, I was surprised and shocked by all the theological jargon and big words.

In fact, I spent a large majority of my time looking up and trying to define the proper context of confusing words before I could even begin down the pathway to reading the books I was assigned to read. At first, it was incredibly overwhelming and, in part, frustrating.

My hope with this project is to be able to explain complex concepts and theological jargon to the simple lay person to improve their studying of God’s Word and to improve your ability to read theological books better since you may not have time to go to seminary or define every big word –but you hunger to learn!

To check it out click here.

#4 – Life Direction – Life Direction is a project that is crafted and tailored specifically for men. As men we have a calling, responsibilities and certain gender nuances that differ from females.

Life Direction is an intentional project that zones in on men: to help them live more fulfilling lives, lead better, share the gospel more effectively, think more Biblically about finances, relationships, discipleship and every aspect of their life, as they continue to develop a growing Christian world view.

To check it out click here or go to the new facebook community page here

 #5 – 180° Relationships – 180° Relationships has been in the making essentially my entire life. It’s been an on-going process.

In this project, I focus in on pulling from the relationship bank of a lifetime of mistakes, knowledge, God’s grace for restoring brokenness in relationships and the bank of real-life experience that I have learned from almost 30 years of living.

In the new year, I hope to focus primarily on how to think about starting a relationship, what to look for etc., and how to prepare yourself for a strong, Godly relationship.

Over time, as I become more seasoned in my marriage, I will begin to give some marital advice drawing from our experience as newlyweds. I’m passionate about this because everything we do in our life before marriage is already scripting our love story and who and why we choose to marry effects the rest of our lives and it’s directly effects our effectiveness or ineffectiveness in service to Christ.

To check it out click here or go to the facebook community page here.

Other Valuable Christian Resources:

 The Psalm Challenge – The Psalm Challenge is an old project of mine. It’s likely been done before and it’s simple –but it’s powerful!

In short, the Psalms are power in leading our hearts into theologically-grounded thankfulness. They help us see a window into deep personal musings, emotional expressions and songs of praise gleaning from the emotions of the Israelites as they navigated war, trials, sin, mistakes and loss. As we look through the window of these past theological expressions, we begin to see a doorway and a clearer picture of God, His grace, His power and we learn more about Him.

The Psalm challenge is an encouragement for couples to go through the Psalms at least once a year, to glean insights about how our hearts should respond in all kinds of circumstances, how to praise God, how to worship, and in doing so as the couple individually grows closer to Christ, the two will be united even more as one in a beautiful growing and deepening union with one another as they explore God’s Word and it’s power together.

To go to the challenge go here.

 The 5-Hour Advantage – The 5-Hour Advantage is a challenge to cultivate daily and yearly habits and beneficial spiritual disciplines to read one hour a day for 5 days a week.

Personally, I have learned so much from the discipline and habit of reading –but it wasn’t easy to get there. At first, I struggled with focusing, sitting still and with even being interested to read.

However, when I started to see the transformation in my life from reading the Bible and reading books about the Bible the spiritual benefits launched me a million miles out of the darkness and I started to see life through a whole new vantage point –a Christian world-view.

Reading the Bible and theological books has changed my life forever. Not only in this temporary life but in the echo of eternity — in Heaven — where I am heading after this short life. I encourage you to build habits of reading, no matter how hard it seems. You can do it!

To check it out click here.

Bringing it Together:

Thanks for coming to check out what the Lord has been doing in my life! I hope these new projects and new resources will serve you well in your faith-journey and I hope they will help you create a better life story, as you continue to pursue God and see all He has in store for you.

P.s – If you have topics and things you would like me to cover in the new year, please message me or comment and let me know what you would like to see more of on this blog.

Happy New Year!

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