Finding Life Through Dying

Have you ever tried to find life by living? Living for the moment, living for rollercoaster’s, living for the next, newest or latest movie or the next exciting thing? Maybe you tried all the above and nothing worked, so you tried drinking, partying, success, smoking, sex, stealing, gambling, pornography or getting rich, but at the end of it all, you were left empty –you felt dead and hopeless.

Matthew 16:25 says: “Whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” This is a profound and challenging gospel-centered picture of how one can enter the Kingdom of God –the kingdom of the living. It’s a ‘how-to-guide’ of how to find the secret to real long-lasting and satisfying living –living that isn’t found in temporary, fleeting, and earthly things that always disappoint.

But here’s the condition: those who want to drink from the everlasting fountain of life –those who want to find true, real life, must give up their life down here in order to gain true long-lasting and fulfilling life in heaven with Jesus, forever.

Those who hold onto their life down here, those who are un-submissive, prideful, and unwilling to acknowledge the majesty and authority of Christ as Lord, Saviour and Creator of the Universe, they will remain miserable. They will not gain life in the eternal Kingdom. They won’t ever find true life on this earth. They will breath in air and life, but breath out death and disappointment.

Those who reject God will have false and temporary life and temporary treasures on earth, but will be cut off from having eternal access to God forever in Heaven. Nothing will ever satisfy, not in this life and not in eternity. Those who deny God, will be blind to what it true means to be happy and to truly live. They will try everything in this life, but in actually they will feel dead and hopeless.

Are you sick of trying everything in this life? Do you long to experience true life? Are you tired of being alive on the outside, but feeling numb, dead and hopeless on the inside. Jesus can offer you true life, if you surrender to Him –in Him you can experience what it’s like to truly be satisfied, to drink and thirst no more. But in order to receive life in Christ, you must lose your life. You must submit to Him, and He will give you life like never before.

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