God’s Confidence

Exodus 3:10

Do you ever doubt God’s confidence in doing what He says He will do in your life? Do you ever fail to believe His promises? If you’re human, the answer is probably a shameful and embarrassing: yes. We all do it. We all doubt God at times.

Therefore, the great test of our faith in God is to take account of how much we trust Him and how often. If our trust in Him is strong once a year and we doubt him the other 364 days of the year, then we have some work to do. Conversely, if our faith is increasingly improving each year, then it’s a sign our faith is growing. Of course, this doesn’t mean we won’t ever go through incredibly difficult seasons of doubt, but the fact that our faith is growing means we are progressing and beginning to grow healthy patterns of trusting God in our lives, instead of building destructive habits of taking matters into our own hands.

In Exodus 3:10, God calls Moses by means of a burning bush and says: “Come, I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring my people, the children of Israel out of Egypt.” This language is striking and characteristic of God’s nature in that it shows God’s confidence in doing what He says He will do. The language used here is authoritative, sure and prompt. There is no doubt in God’s command. Instead, there is a strong urgency to God’s message to Moses. He simply says: “go”

The fact that Moses questions God is a proper representation of the all-too-common human heart response. God speaks with urgency and confidence. He’s ready to deliver His people, promptly. He’s ready to take action. Yet, Moses hits the pause button on God’s prompt plan and Moses doubts, slow down the process disregarding God’s confident promise.

This is true of our lives also. How many times does God call us with great confidence, as the great God of the universe, and we fail to listen. We doubt Him or we ask for another confirming sign, as if the first one wasn’t enough. The fact that God had complete confidence in His plan, His power and in Moses is a powerful representation of God’s authority and confidence in our lives, not ours. It’s a great testimony that God simply requires submissive and powerless human instruments, not powerful human instruments.

God’s urgency in this text was a prompt “go” and deliver Israel, but Moses got caught up in the “how-to” of it all. He got caught up thinking about himself and didn’t have faith in God. He thought if God was sending Him, he would need to be able to speak better or be better humanly speaking, when in fact God’s urgency to “go” was communicating: “I will give you the power. Now go!” in this instance, God wasn’t concerned because when He said “go”. He already knew the future and that He was going to set Israel free, regardless. He just needed a surrendered instrument that He could send with His power.

Isn’t this a proper picture of the great faith-struggle of our lives? When God tells us to do something we think in limited human thinking. We respond as if we can tell the future or predict human outcomes, when only God can. As a result we immediately doubt and get caught up in the “how to” process and we respond unconfidently. In order to believe God and have the access to His power and confidence in our lives, we need to cultivate increasing habits of a “going” mentality. We need an urgency like God has in this scripture, an urgency that compels us to pick up and “go” –to do immediately what God is calling us to do.

When we work to grow into a place of increasing faith, in that we are willing more and more to “go”, we demonstrate true faith in God and we begin to make the steps to step out of dead human power. The process to receiving God’s confidence in your life is to surrender false human power to God. When we realize we have no power in of ourselves to do great things, then we position ourselves in a place to receive God’s confidence and to do God’s great work with His confidence, not ours.

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