God’s Provision or Man’s Intervention?

Exodus 16:3

Most of us, as Christians, are guilty of launching impatient intervention upon God’s unfailing provision in our lives. When God asks us to step out into faith, many of us may step out willingly, but few step out without doubt and questioning a long the journey, few  step out without intervention. Of course, when we intervene with God’s good plans, the result is always negative.

Exodus 16:3 shows a vivid picture of this reality of the negative effects of human intervention: “The Israelites said to them, “If only we had died by the LORD’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.”

When we look at this verse above, five things are present that are often parallel with our own Christian walk in every generation, and in regards to our human intervention. One, they didn’t believe God’s promise was true to bring them to the promised land. Two, they didn’t have a proper view of God’s character thinking the purpose of the desert was to: ‘kill this whole assembly with hunger’. Three, they didn’t see God’s vision or trust His provision. Four, they attacked Moses and Aaron and questioned those in authority (often we do this to God). Lastly, they grumbled about ‘eating bread to the full’ in Egypt, and God delivered the fulfilment of their desires, but not without a costly test.

Each point above serves as a helpful spiritual magnifying glass that give us insight into the deepest depths of our own sinful hearts in that most of us are guilty of doing the same things. When God challenges us to step out into faith, we are almost always guilty of questioning and doubting Him and His motives at some point a long the journey: Will he provide? Should we turn around and go back? Should we give up? Should we take matters into our own hands? Should we question God or should we sin and do wrong to accelerate things in our favor?

In all this questioning and doubting above, comes the biggest test of the greatest faith challenge of all in every season of life: Will we trust in God’s provision or institute man’s intervention? In other words, in times of stepping out in faith and being brought into the desert en route to our “promised land”, will we trust God fully or turn to human provision or human rationale? Will we doubt He called us to something better by abandoning God’s provision and abandoning to do things His way?

The truth is when we launch intervention on God’s good plans and blessings in our life we rob ourselves of the end blessing, burden ourselves with heaviness, confusion, disbelief, sin and harm, and we often incur unintended consequences while diminishing blessing a long the way by taking matters into our own foolish hands.

Today, and in every day moving forward, will you trust God’s provision, even when brought through the desert? As you endure trail after trial, overcome ordeal after ordeal, and march through unexpected illness, ridicule and suffering, all of which weigh you down and wear you out day-in and day-out, will you trust God is going to come through –that He is going to fulfil what He started and work together all things for your good (Romans 8:28) or will you quit and intervene by giving up and failing the test forfeiting the blessings at the end?


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