The Hope Found In Dying

To Die Is Gain

One would think spending a life-time preparing for death, and having the knowledge of death, one day, would be tortuous. In some ways, that seems kind of depressing, right? Who wants to think about death, let alone believe death is real? Instead, most people are busy living. We don’t want to think about death or believe it’s real.

Can you imagine being at a party where everyone is drinking and living it up and one Christian is in the corner talking about life and death to a hopeless soul who finds no joy in living. To the ones partying and living it up, drinking smoking and not thinking about death, this Christian must seem bizarre. “What a alienated buzz kill”, some may say or they may be thinking: “Come up, lighten up, man! Have some fun!” 

Philippians 1:21 says: “For me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain”. Paul realized this same concept, just like the Christian in the above scenario talking about life and death to a friend hurting. For the ones partying their motto may have been “To live rocks, and to die…sucks”, but what kind of hope does that offer to the one in the corner overwhelmed by inescapable and incredible depression here in this temporary life –to the one who is hopeless.

For the one depressed, hopeless, and in need of consoling — all he wishes is that someone would come a long and instead of hand him booze, smokes or temporary highs and pleasures that dwindle after the effects wear off — show him something better. He wishes someone would care and give him true life –life that sustains and transcends the reality of his highs and lows, and struggles down here.

Ironically, that’s exactly what the Christian at the party understood, and Paul understood, too, in Philippians 1:21. Both Paul and the Christian in the above scenario understood John 14:6, when Jesus answered saying, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Both understood that true life is not found in partying, living it up or even temporary mortal living. They realized true life is not available in this temporary sinful life, that life is hopeless without Christ, and because they knew that, they weren’t banking on the fun of this world. They were banking on the hope found in preparing to be with Christ in eternity.

For the ones who party, drink and chase temporary fun and deny death is real, what a shame to live such a way –in utter hopelessness. But oh, what joy there is for the one who has hidden their life and hope away in the life found in Christ, and in the afterlife to come.

Reflection Questions: 

Are you more interested in life down here or so focused on that new promotion at work, but inside feel hopeless? Maybe your aim needs to be focused towards Christ, who is the life.

Are you afraid of death, but just can’t think about it? Maybe, it’s time to talk to someone or to face the reality that life is actually found in dying and being with Christ, forever.

Are you depressed or in despair in this life and can’t seem to find hope anywhere? Maybe, for you, it’s time to turn to Christ and realize He is the only way, truth and life.

Have you heard about Christ, but don’t really believe His power is enough to pull you out of the depths of your darkness and despair? Maybe your view of God needs to be re-aligned. If so, you can read about God’s power here.

Need Help Praying?

“Lord, what is my focus in this life? Am I focused on all the wrong things? Do I need a mindset adjustment? If so, would you show me, through your Word and through your life, how to gain true life and how to not be afraid to think about death? Would you guide me and lead me showing me what you would have me focus on in this life? Would you help me see the needs of others and to prepare for eternal life in heaven with you, one day?

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