Jesus Christ: The Universal Language of Love

Learning What it Truly Means Be Alive With Christ

The universal language of love is soaked in the precious blood of Jesus’ overcoming power on the cross — in His death and in His resurrection — and every person , every tribe or tongue who knows Christ as their Lord and Saviour, through the power of God’s son, has access to a supernatural type of love: The Universal language of love. 

Imagine husbands saying: “I love you more”, doing the dishes for their wives, giving them more massages, helping out with laundry, penning romantic notes to their wives, working less and taking them on more romantic getaways and dates just to say: “I appreciate you”.

Imagine husbands waking up early to kiss their wife, tell her she is beautiful and to hunger to read their Bible’s together daily. Imagine, husbands opening up more to share their feelings, to share about their day, to share more about their financial spending habits.

Imagine husbands closing pornography windows, because they are so radically attracted to their wife. Image husbands, not giving one word answers and turning off the football game to talk and truly communicating whats on their heart, not because they are forced to, but because they truly desire to.

Imagine women supporting their husbands more, encouraging them more, supporting their ministries publicly and learning to forgive more when their husband messes up for the 100th time. Imagine wives building up their husbands and striving to give him the respect he deserves.

Imagine wives trusting their husbands more, because they know they don’t have to worry about what he does on that business trip. Imagine wives trusting their husband to lead well, allowing him to rise up to the challenge, because they know he won’t abuse his authority.

This is what it would be like if the universal church learned the daily art of surrender and dying to self and strived to one-by-one unleash the power of communicating in the universal language of love. As Christ begins to speak through us and enables us to truly change, to think about what we say, to think about our actions, to think about how we love and to strive to take things to the next level — to become more like Christ — suddenly, the way we act and the way we treat others changes and our hearts and minds begin to become transformed.

Only Christ knows what it’s like to truly love. He demonstrated it on the cross. This means Christ is the only model we should be looking to when we are looking for relationship advice and how to improve our relationships.

Imagine a world where we all learned to love more like Christ –truly, universally, and unapologetically. Imagine communities working together, not only in times of floods or in war and famine, but daily and consistently, just because they are so overflowing with Christ’s love for one another.

Imagine work places desiring to hire young men and women from the church, simply for the fact that the way the universal body of Christ serves and the way they communicate hospitality and integrity looks unworldly. It looks inviting and it looks inspiring.

Imagine the universal body of Christ and the community alike swearing less and instead of filling up theatres to watch R-rated movies, we fill up churches and the streets feeding the homeless, picking up the downtrodden and forgiving those who persecute us.

The above reality will never happen fully on this earth, since we wrestle with sin, pride, greed and corruption. I know for me, every day, I need to run to Christ, to remind myself that I am a terrible sinner and one day without being washed in the Word, already leads my heart astray. However, we can make small steps today that eventually lead to multi-generationally large steps to respond and act like Christ as we seek to be transformed by Him.

Try it out, see how your relationships start to change, see how marriages start to turn around, and watch as business partners start to get a long more and small church communities or towns start to become captivated and intoxicated by the power of Jesus Christ’s love alive in them –so much that it spreads to another church community and to another small town and so on and so forth.

Imagine Christ’s universal call to love indwelling within us so richly and deeply that we shift out of the age of a post-modern, hostile, politically correct world and into a world full of love where church statistics and numbers are rapidly increasing, instead of declining.

A world where our children and teens are running at high speeds to the church and begging to serve giving up traveling and their comforts, instead of running at high speeds to the bars, to comforts, consumerism, television, modelling, rock-stardom, individualism, pubs and away from the church.


Jesus Christ is the universal figure of love, the universal language of love. Only those who are truly led by Him will truly catch a tiny glimpse of what it truly means to love and when we are in heaven one day and falling down on our knee’s to worship our King, the love we tried to get a small glimpse of down here, through our mortal stained lens, will be amplified by 100 million. We have no idea what it really means to love. That’s why we need Christ to continually show us, to remove the blinders, to call us higher and higher.

Jesus Christ is: the universal language of love. 

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