Jesus: The Great Physician

A Primer on Depression

Self-help books, psychologists, anti-depressants, doctors, therapists, counsellors and advertisements, everyone has their own self-proclaimed brand of unique claims to fight depression and become free. Some offer freedom in 30-60 day programs. Others claim their proven process in a book claiming 6-steps will set you free. Yet, in my experience only one solution amidst all the information, amongst all the noise surrounding depression, has proven to deliver true, long-lasting peace with His claim: Jesus Christ –the great physician. 

From the successful wall-street business man who feels his life is hopeless, to the downcast hopeless prostitute selling her body for money and pleasure who has given up on love; for the rockstar trying to find life and meaning in endless sexual encounters, to the one who has spent hours watching porn from a screen and felt the weight and damage; to the one who has used drugs and alcohol to medicate their deeper inner pain, all the way to the one who has had medical set backs, surgeries and tough diagnoses — Jesus Christ provides unparalleled hope for them all.

Why? Because of what He accomplished on the cross. Jesus came down to earth to restore mankind. He died a terrible death on an old wooden cross to pay a ransom for our sin. Three days later, He rose again conquering the sting and permanent chains of death. Everyone who was hopelessly afflicted, everyone who would believe in Him and turn from their sin, Jesus die to set them all free.

This may shock us, since we often think we have to be good to come to Jesus. However, in contrast, Jesus died for the thief on the cross, for the one who murdered, lied, stole, cheated, ruined his family or divorced his wife. He died for the one who hurt his friends and family, made bad business decisions and the one who wasted his or her life away drinking and doing drugs. Whatever your life situation, whatever your crimes, whatever your burden –Jesus had the worst of sinners and the most hopeless in mind when He died on that cross. And when He rose from the dead, He gave all access to rise from the dead, through His perfect sacrifice, to gain access to eternal life forever in a place where there is no more pain, death, sin or depression.

By far, Jesus is: the great physician. He healed people from leprosy, cast out demons in people, brought people back from the dead, turned water into wine and made bread to feed thousands from mere bread fragments. He demonstrated an unmatchable supernatural power no mankind, technology or hospital has ever been able to match. For that reason alone, Jesus is the only true deliverance from depression and human pain. No psychologist or anyone with a Master’s degree hanging on the wall can beat what Jesus accomplished on the cross. He truly was and still is, today, the: greatest physician of all time. 

Note: In the next post I will go deeper into detail about what depression is, how I have struggled with it myself and share how God has got me through depression while sharing some tips on how to overcome depression through the supernatural power of Jesus’ accomplishment on the cross.

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