Never Lose The Wonder!

Deuteronomy 3:23-25

In Deuteronomy 3:23-25, Moses expressed his awe-striking and never-ending wonder of God by expressing that he had just begun to see God’s greatness and His mighty hand. Now, Moses desperately wanted to enter the promise. He wanted to see more!

Prior to this, Moses had escaped death in the killing of the first borns of the Israelites. He had escaped Egypt. He saw God in a burning bush. He Returned to Egypt, saw God perform signs, wonders, plagues and more. Then saw God’s mighty hand working by parting the Red Sea to free Israel. Moses had seen a lot, but for him –this was not enough wonder to behold. Instead, he wanted to behold more of God’s power, Majesty and His goodness. He wasn’t bored! His hunger didn’t decrease. It increased, and he was intrigued ever more!

Take note sojourner. This expression above should be a humble model for us. In our lives, as we submit more and more to living truly transformed, being transformed to image of Christ, and living life in synch with discipline and obedience to God, it should be a natural bi-product that we desire more and more to see a greater magnitude of God’s wonder, and this hunger to see more should energize us. So much to the point that our journey does not become stale, stagnant and weary, as we wait resurrection with Christ, but rather that our journey becomes defined, fuelled and energized by our passion to see more and do more for Christ.

In our lives, when God comes through for us, do we become increasing more faithful, more willing, more in awe, more submission and more fearful of God’s power? Do we come to a place of increased spiritual appetite where we want to taste more and more of God’s goodness day-by-day? If so, this is an inspiring spiritual mark of a truly transformed life, a life that truly seeks to die to self and to truly become transformed more like Christ.

If not, we need to work more at cultivating proper habits of spiritual disciplines, habits that help us come to a place where the disciplines are not mere disciplines, but that they become deep spiritual passions and hot embers that stoke the spiritual fires of our regenerate hearts to burn even brighter for Christ’s glory, in such a way that we increasingly become more hungry and thirsty for God to do more –not for our own personal spiritual gain, but for the magnification of His ultimate display of His incredible glory.

And of course, naturally, as we hunger more for God to show us more, He will do more for His glory as a response to our obedience and in doing so our obedience and wonder will increase ever more to the point where we are becoming more and more transformed to His image and ever more excited to be called to the glorious task of doing His great work. Let us never lose the wonder of God’s goodness in our lives! Let us never grow bored and weary of serving God in such a way that the embers of our hearts burn out and grow cold.

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