What to Expect in the New Year?

New Updates and Re-Visioning

I’ve mentioned to a few people that I have wrestled with the idea of starting my first podcast. For me, this has been something I have thought about, prayed about many times, and worked towards for probably over a decade. Prior to that, and even as I thought about finally doing it, my heart had some reservations and some things I needed to work through first. As a result and in the growing excitement, the time just wasn’t right and I had to pull back for many reasons in which I am glad I did.

However, with great discernment, contemplation, research, learning, growth and much prayer, I now feel like my heart is ready to embark upon the implementation process of this new journey. Although, there are many things that still need to come together to make this happen and it won’t be up and running over night, this new project for me will encompass a few new exciting additions to my blog and mission to help people create better stories.

What To Expect:

Recently, within the last year or so and on top of blogging, speaking and preaching, I committed to start writing weekly devotionals. This is a process that was challenging at first, but in the end, it’s been a journey that I am glad I stepped out into since I thoroughly enjoy writing devotionals. I especially enjoy it because devotions are so key to our every day spiritual life and I love the very practical aspect of devotions that are aimed at being straight to the point of breaking a part real world truths about God and the Christian life that transform our every-day lives!

#1 More Clarified Vision For Written Devotionals:

With that being said, the first new avenue of my new project will be to add more clarified vision to my devotionals, in which I will continue to write weekly under the new name of: “One Minute Discipleship”. My hope in doing this is that I can create a resource center for people who are wanting to grow in the Lord in which I will take complex concepts, parables and confusing things in scripture and break them a part so that they can be consumed in 1-2 minute as daily spiritual food that will seek to build up the body of Christ.

#2 – Extended Vision in Creating My First Devotional Podcast:

The second aspect of this new project called: “One Minute Discipleship” will hopefully, Lord willing, result in making a podcast in which those who follow my blog and writings can tune in each week to hear an audio devotional broken down in a few minutes, also. Of course, the podcast is more of an ambitious desire, which requires a lot more technical preparation to set up and a greater deal of finances and know-how in order to launch vision, mission, podcast art and buy recording equipment so this won’t be immediate.

Final Thoughts:

I am very exciting for this new project and wanted to share with everyone who follows what God has called me to do thus far. All of what I have done so far has not been possible without God’s grace, reader support, mentorship and all the love, support, kindness and gifts we have received a long the way in this journey of obedience and faith.

Right now, I am trying to figure out how to start a podcast, need to get some equipment and need to find a logo designer to create the vision I have designed for this new project: “One Minute Discipleship.” If you have skills in running and setting up a podcasts or know of someone willing to do logo design at a reasonable price, please let me know.

In the end, I know all of this is only possible by the grace of God and that God must open doors and open ears to listen. I also know all of this is only possible with a great support group of people praying for me daily, so please pray the Lord continues to lead me and guide me, and if interested, please pray daily and weekly that the Lord would do His work, not mine through His people. If it is the Lord’s will that I embark on this new journey, I fully believe He will send the necessary means to accomplish this new step of faith that I am taking!

Thanks for everyones support thus far, and here is a sneak-peek picture of the design I am working on:






God Bless,

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