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John J. Davis has written an incredible and very useful commentary on Genesis. I am reading it for a Bible College class on Genesis and I am thoroughly enjoying reading his writing!

John J. Davis powerfully interweaves strong, practical and concise writing skills rooted in strong theological basis with the introduction and identification of important elements of Genesis that engage and invite the reader on a quick, but thorough informative arial-view helicopter ride that gives the reader a valuable full-picture birds-eye-view of Genesis concisely covering literary elements such as: title, authorship and date, theological themes, chronological framework, literary style and outline.  

Davis makes clear right out of the gate why Genesis is a literally-interpreted and important book on cosmology and anthropology that drives our entire thinking about how we think about our existence, the universe and even Jesus showing that this book (Genesis) is for everyone –for the scientist, the historian and the theologian as stated below:

“The book of Genesis, therefore, is of utmost value to the scientist, the historian, and the theologian: to the scientist for its cosmology, to the historian for its early history of Israel, and to the theologian for its basic philosophical implications.” (P.20)

Further, on Davis makes an even clear case for God’s design for Genesis stating that:

“From the very outset Genesis confronts us with a living, personal God. The writer makes no attempt to provide philosophical or scientific evidence for God’s existence; he assumes it and views everything in light of it. He presents God as sovereign and holy. God’s majestic power is expressed in the beauty of creation and the awesomeness of divine judgment. The writer quite clearly states that what he says about God was revealed to him.” (P. 26)

Once Davis helps you understand Genesis’ literary elements (which Davis breaks down very well) Genesis begins to come alive and the reader is able to understand and catch a tiny glimpse of God’s awe and wonder, His creativeness, His power and Majesty and the reader is able to embark on a theological journey slowly unpacking the uniqueness and importance of this pre-introductory book of the Bible that sets the theological foundation for the entire Bible and even our important understanding Jesus.

Conclusion & Culture:

In an ever growing liberal age where literal interpretations of Genesis 1-2, in regards to a 6-day literal creation, are coming under attack by once-faithful evangelicals, many Bible schools, and many once-trusted authors and scholars capitulating to the scientific demands of culture and accepting evolutionary thought over the authority of the Bible, this book is a lighthouse that will penetrate through the darkness and absurdness of mans attempt to replace the infinite reality and supernatural component of God’s unfathomable and unexplainable creationary process.

To Buy Davis’ Book Click Here: Paradise To Prison – By John J. Davis. 

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