Fuel for your Relationship

What is the Psalm’s Challenge?

I write a lot on topics pertaining to cultivating strong healthy and Christ-centered relationships, discipleship and leadership. I especially love thinking through ways to foster stronger relationships. It fascinates me, because relationships are actually a form of communicational art.

With that being said – I am always looking for new ways to innovate and take my relationship life to the next level while also seeking to help set a higher bar on relationships and how they are walked out corporately and globally in my surrounding community.

The psalms challenge is simple. It’s simply reading one chapter of Psalms to your spouse, partner or boyfriend/girlfriend with the sole purpose of feeding their soul.

Why the Psalm’s Challenge?

Often, when we think of making a relationship better we default to less important things that fail to solve the real relational problem –they fail to launch the relationship into greater spiritual growth, which is the strongest type of relational growth.

These things that we too often default to are focusing on: fancy dinners, dresses, watches, back massages, better practices in bed etc. These things are helpful, on a small scale, but on a large scale they are more of a superficial bandaid, they don’t really add real spiritually deepening value.

Bringing it Together:

Focusing on the Psalms puts our focus off ourselves and onto Christ and when we focus on pointing our partner to the ultimate giver of life and creator of love and romance, we gain access to the real spiritual keys, keys that unlock depths of love in each others hearts we never knew were possible.

When we get closer to Christ, we become closer to each other. Let God do the work for you. This is the reason behind The Psalms challenge. Try it out and see how your relationship dynamics change and grow into building a more Christ-centered relationship that focuses on the power of God!


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