What’s unique about me as a speaker?

My story is unique and relevant, and it tugs on the heart strings of every human being alive and breathing. After living a faithless and atheistic lifestyle, at only 22, I was faced with two near death experiences. Two experiences that challenged me to completely re-orientate my entire worldview on thoughts pertaining to: life, faith, death and the afterlife.

Thankfully, in those two moments, I got a glimpse into the afterlife, and came to know God as my Lord and Saviour. Now, despite the ups-and-downs of life, the eternal GPS co-ordinates of my mortal life are powerfully locked into my eternal destination in heaven.

This doesn’t mean, I am perfect and have no problems or trials. In fact, I am far from perfect, and I guarantee you, I have imperfections and trials. However, the beauty of passing through the storms is that I know exactly where I am heading, despite all the tribulations, turbulence and the unknown.


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About You

Hi! My name is Jeremy Siggelkow. Welcome to the Speaking section of my page! I am a Christian, Husband, and a Student, who after two life-threatening events, was radically changed by the transformational power of the gospel. I have a beautiful wife, am currently studying at Bible School and I am a passionate and relevant speaker who has taken professional training in Public Speaking.

Here is what you can expect from me:

-Thorough preparation before delivery of speech

-Thorough preparation to learning what you want from me

-Tailored messages that fit a specific given topic

-Conscientious consideration of specific time-frame

-Implementation of effective Public Speaking skills learned in a Public Speaking class

-Clear, concise speaking

-Original content that is relevant to your church service, event or audience

-Strong and professional communication

-Audience analysis and history of the event, if you request so

-Over 2 years of experience Public Speaking



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What People Are Saying About You

"Jeremy's profound faith and zest for life is a rarity of our generation. He is a true blessing to know"
Danielle Whitfield
"Jeremy is an incredible man, friend and leader who is willing to go the extra mile to change the face of ministry and culture today. He is a teachable man, with a radical desire to look like Christ. Follow him on his journey towards godliness."
Josh Hansen
"I love to see God leading Jeremy to faithfully live out his gifts of writing, speaking and music. He is displaying courage as he follows the Lord, building a ministry to help others, which in the meantime is shaping Jeremy into this humble servant, a young man of wisdom and integrity."
Marcy Smith
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