What People Are Saying About You

"Jeremy's profound faith and zest for life is a rarity of our generation. He is a true blessing to know"
Danielle Whitfield
"Jeremy is an incredible man, friend and leader who is willing to go the extra mile to change the face of ministry and culture today. He is a teachable man, with a radical desire to look like Christ. Follow him on his journey towards godliness."
Josh Hansen
"I love to see God leading Jeremy to faithfully live out his gifts of writing, speaking and music. He is displaying courage as he follows the Lord, building a ministry to help others, which in the meantime is shaping Jeremy into this humble servant, a young man of wisdom and integrity."
Marcy Smith
"Jeremy is an exceedingly enthusiastic motivator, an invested coach and mentor, and a refreshingly humble leader! You will enjoy being coached by this man; he neither leaves people feeling inferior to himself, nor does he fail to take as much time as is needed for each individual to reach their maximum potential!!"
Eliyah Macdonald