Stewardship & The Responsibility of Truth

Learning To Exercise Your 'Responsibility' Muscles

“That servant who knows his master’s will but does not get ready or follow his instructions will be beaten with many blows. But the one who unknowingly does things worthy of punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and from him who has been entrusted with much, even more will be demanded.” 

Luke 12:47-48

Do you know what is right, but chose to not do it? Do you have incredible intelligence and understanding of the Bible, but hide it away in your heart and never tell anyone about what you know? Maybe you have a large amount of money, but you hoard it away, and refuse to share it to those less fortunate or maybe you have been given incredible gifts or the unique ability to become friends with anyone, but you rarely use it to honour and glorify God and as a result you live an irresponsible life.

All of the above are great examples of what it doesn’t mean to be a good “steward” for Christ, but Luke 12:47-48 is a great illustration giving us insights into what it does mean to exercise proper stewardship for Christ. In the above text, we see that “the servant who knows his master’s will, but does not get ready or follow his instructions will be beaten with many blows. But the one who unknowingly does things worthy of punishment will be beaten with few blows”

The above concept and contrast — the contrast between, the servant who knows what he should do, but doesn’t do it, and the one who doesn’t know what to do and does wrong — is explainable and understandable. It’s a parallelism and truism that is, also, true for our faith.

The concept is this: those who know better, know Christ, or know the Father’s will, will be held more accountable, because they understand more. This means, the more that God entrusts to His children and the more wisdom He imparts to us, the more that He requires from His children. But those who don’t know Christ or the Father’s will, less will be required of them, because they don’t comprehend the weight of their crimes.

We know that the Holy Spirit is the one who allows our minds to comprehend God’s truth. Without the Holy Spirit or without God’s divine revelation and power to allow us to understand God’s wisdom, the things of the Kingdom would be blind to us. But for those of us who know Christ, that is not the case, because, we do know Christ, and as a result we see the hidden things of the Kingdom clearer, so we must steward what God allows us to see.

Yet, the above concept of stewarding divine imparted knowledge has further implications. Not only are we to steward what we know, in terms of knowledge and to pass it on, we are also required to increasingly become more responsible, to live-out the knowledge we know, to model it, show it and to put the knowledge and wisdom into physical practical action in every area of our lives as we strive to become more and more confirmed t the image of Christ.

This means, if you are healthy today, then you are required to steward that health to honour and glorify God and tell others about the secret things of the Kingdom that God has allowed you to understand. If you have food to eat, you are to use the energy given by the food to honour God, and if you are wealthy or have great provision, the unique gift of friendship, teaching abilities or have a high-level of intelligence, then you are to steward well all of the above to advance God’s Kingdom.

If you know Christ, and know the Father’s will, as you go through your day today, think of all the things you know, have been shown, have been given and all that you could do with what you have been given. If you have great parents who have imparted great godly wisdom to you, then by observation, you are required to pass on that knowledge and not just live a comfortable life keeping the wisdom to yourself.

The more responsible you become in stewarding what the Father has given you, the more pleased God will be with you and the more at peace you will have, because responsibility, is a hallmark of the Kingdom, but responsibility, too, is a spiritual muscle that you must learn to train.

As God shows you more and you learn to be more responsible, the automatic christocentric out-flow will be to serve more, give more, steward more, surrender more, love more, complain less, be more kind, grow in Christ more, teach more, and be more responsible to doing God’s will and stewarding what you have.

But here is where the disconnect happens, because the more you surrender yourself to do more for the Kingdom, and the more you desire to be like Christ, the more your spiritual appetite will increase and the more your spiritual appetite increases, the more truth God will show you, because He will see He can trust you with more, but the more you desire and learn more, the more responsibility is required of you, because you know more day-by-day.

That means your responsibility is always increasing day-by-day in the Kingdom, and that means your spiritual muscles of responsibility will be exercised more and more, and as a result your physical inward and outward life should look different day-by-day, because you are called to always be moving forward for Christ, to always learn more, and to always steward more. As you continue to learn more, make sure you are always gradually learning to serve more and putting into practice what God is showing you.

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