The Divine And The Improbable

Exposing Exegetical Fallacies in Genesis

In regards to Genesis 1-2 on creation, it is, in some way, unbelievable that God designed mankind, the world, plants and everything else in 6 literal days. In fact, it would be more humanly probable to believe huge pine trees and incredibly complex creatures evolved over time or that trees had to grow progressively from seeds and roots, like they do today –that would be more humanly probable because it would make proper scientific sense and satisfy modern scientism.

Yet, the very fact that the latter above human speculation — and it’s a speculation at best — would make more human and scientific sense is the very reason God very purposefully defies human logic and evades scientific norms refusing to be put in a calculable box explainable of mankind, in regards to creation.

In Genesis chapter 1-2, God explicitly evades human logic in order to establish His otherworldly authority as Creator-God and King of the universe who is able and justified in evading probable human logic and sidestepping any future scientific progress, analysis or later-years scientific hypothesis. That was God’s design. It was part of His plan to evade any human rationale that one day may pop up to prove He didn’t do what no man could ever do by way of scientific evidencing.

Ironically, the very fact that God did what was completely and utterly improbable, unfathomable and equally unbelievable — the fact that He did was was impossible — in creating everything in 6-literal days, is the very incredible and noteworthy basis and reason in which He is rendered credible and is able to be believable as the only One and only divine Creator –the One that did the unscientific or impossible and cannot be outmatched or measured by mankind.

In this very act, in the introduction to cosmology and creation in Genesis — an introduction to God’s power — it represents God is truly and ultimately infinite due to His improbable demonstration in cosmology and creation. To believe He subdued to human logic and took the probable path –that science can explain what He did or that 6-days cannot be taken literal, would be to cut in half His Majesty, His glory, His ultimate design and His wonder which was clearly displayed in an improbable 6-day literal creation that of which is unscientific and impossible.

A 6-day literal interpretation of Genesis is mankind’s first recorded Biblical test of what it means to have true faith –to believe God did literally what He said He did –to believe the improbable is to have true faith in an almighty and divine Creator. Unfortunately, how well you do on the first test of faith and what approach you take in hermeneutics directly determines how magnificent you’ll see the Creator-God of the universe and His divine providence interweaved between every line of scripture to follow from Genesis 1-2.

God establishes Himself as Creator, as designer of everything, as infinite and in control of everything to give us a reference to how we got here, who He is, how powerful He is, how man-made science fails to answer every question, how in control He is and how we should think about Him as we move forward in the unfolding chapters and books of the Bible to follow.

To get this first introduction so wrong, is to in some ways miss the entire point of God, His Word, who He was, who He says He was and it flirts with hermeneutical fallacies that are at risk of missing the simple implications of His literal written word –to miss His majesty and His power. Unfortunately, many scholars, Bible College students and evangelicals today are being taught to miss one of the most incredible introductions, in the entire Bible, to God’s power, Majesty and His providence for mankind.

For more resources on a 6-day literal Creation check John J. Davis and his book entitled: Paradise To Prison or click the following link for my review of his book: Here

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