The Key To Christian Leadership

Inspiring Others To Encounter The Magnificence of Christ

The key to Christian leadership is not to create robots that think just like the leader and follow by command, but rather to inspire, champion and encourage those around the leader to truly dig deep, to think outside the lines of culture, ask brave questions and to think about the Bible and their faith in a way that pushes them to learn more about the magnificence of the gospel narrative we are all called to live within.

The goal of Christian leadership is to influence those the leaders leads in such a way that empowers them to run to Christ in such a way that enables those you lead to make real, powerful and different moves on the chessboard of life, moves they wouldn’t have made if you didn’t push them to encounter Christ.

If we as leaders create robots, our lives will be in vain and we should be ashamed to stand before Christ, because we have missed the point. We have lost. However, if just one soul is inspired to think differently and inspired to change their perspective and it leads them to encounter the magnificence of Christ, we can rest assured, we have done our job well.

We don’t need to write 100 books, have a Doctorate in Theology, win nobel prizes or become presidents of world renowned seminaries. We just need to serve faithfully wherever we are at, with whom every we have been entrusted with to point to the only one who can save: Christ. 

That is the key of Christian leadership.

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