The Ultimate Hope Bringer

Exodus 12:1-3

Jesus was the prophesied Lamb (Exodus 12:1-3). The proverbial sacrifice and ultimate hope bringer of the world. The One no man could ever impersonate or compare. He would be the One who would take away thousands of people’s pain with the thunder of his last breath and the wonderworking event of His resurrection. The sacrifice He would make is a sacrifice unheard of by any man. He would be the One true sacrificial-Lamb whose perfect blood would be shed to conquer death forever –he was the ultimate hope bringer.

As we reflect on another Thanksgiving holiday, for some, it’s just another statutory holiday –a day away from the office. A time to take a breather and press pause amidst all the madness until it starts again. For others, it’s a time to be thankful for money and success or a time to be thankful for friends and family. Others, it’s just another hopeless holiday to be survived grudgingly eating another bland T.V. dinner or choking down another frozen pre-packaged meal with the company of their trusty cat.

Just like Christmas with all the jingle of the bells, presents, lights and “deck the halls” of cheery Christmas choirs –we are prone to miss the entire point of why we celebrate. The same is true of thanksgiving. We can get so wrapped up with pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin-carving, turkey, stuffing, mashed potato’s, gravy, fellowship, socializing and loading the van with the kids to go to family gatherings that we miss the entire point. Then, we do it again next year. We don’t think twice.

This Thanksgiving as you gather around a toasty fireplace or gather around in a circle in the family room and as you look at the people around you, take care to pause and consider this: What is the true meaning of it all? Ask yourself: Have we forgot the point amidst all the turkey and joy-filled laughter?

For some around you, they’ve never heard the gospel. It’s just another day. For others it’s just another holiday to survive through with in-law arguments and fake plastic smiles. Yet, as Christians we have something better to offer, something to truly be thankful for: the Lamb who was crucified and sacrificed as the ultimate hope bringer.

May we not forget why we celebrate and who we celebrate on this busy Thanksgiving day celebration. May our eyes be focused on Christ and reaching those who don’t know Him: The ultimate hope bringer. 

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